Congratulations to this years Round Up at the Lake Derby winners! Click read more to see the full list.

To redeem your Resort Gift Certificates or Derby Entries, bring the printed letter to the General Store or Back Office.
Advance reservations are required to redeem boat rentals and cabin stays. Call 760-934-3800  to make reservations.
Prizes must be redeemed by November 31, 2022
(within 2 years, no exceptions – prizes are non-transferable)
First Last Prize
Allen Seymour 3 night stay, up to 4, dlx 1 bedroom cabin
Robert Rucker 2 night stay, up to three, std 1 room cabin
Ted Dall Full Day Pontoon
Gerritt Wallace Full Day Pontoon
Anthony Napoli Full Day Pontoon
Karen Bruggeman Full Day Pontoon
Tony Best Full Day Pontoon
Calvin Ching Full Day Pontoon
Kyle Carrico Half Day Pontoon
Maria Smith Half Day Pontoon
David Kawakami Half Day Pontoon
Gisele Wilker Half Day Pontoon
Mark Gaus $100 Resort Gift Certificate
Alex Garufis $100 Resort Gift Certificate
Allen Wilker $100 Resort Gift Certificate
Michael Daly $100 Resort Gift Certificate
Albert Esparza $100 Resort Gift Certificate
Kim Legere $100 Resort Gift Certificate
Vincent Esparza $100 Resort Gift Certificate
Louis Banales $100 Resort Gift Certificate
Thalia Quezada $100 Resort Gift Certificate
Steven Wells Full day boat & motor
Cheyanne Hill Full day boat & motor
Bill Gomory Full day boat & motor
Steve Legere Full day boat & motor
Hildegard Seymour Full day boat & motor
Arlene Vega Half Day Boat & Motor Rental
Dylan Legere Half Day Boat & Motor Rental
Ed Zeier Half Day Boat & Motor Rental
Chris Blais Half Day Boat & Motor Rental
Glenn Wallace Half Day Boat & Motor Rental
Rick Vega $50 Resort Gift Certificate
Mark Irwin $50 Resort Gift Certificate
Andy Torres $50 Resort Gift Certificate