Convict Lake was stocked with 600 pounds of trophy size trout last week.  The hot summer weather usually means the bite slows down in August, however, the catch at the lake has been steady.  Convict has still been producing plenty of these bigger trout.  The best time to be out is early in the morning just before sunrise and in the early evening just before dark when it is cooler outside.

The baits that are doing the trick are still inflated night crawlers, garlic power bait, and salmon eggs.  Thomas Buoyants and Tasmanian Devils have been the best for trolling.

Remember as we have been saying for weeks, go deep.  The trout are hanging out in pools that are at least 5 to 6 colors down.

We are excited to remind all of our fishing fans that the Ambush at the Lake Derby will start on August 27th and continue through the end of the fishing season which is Nov. 15th. Catch one 14-inch fish and you will be entered into a drawing worth $6000 in prizes.  The entry fee is $16 which includes a 2021 annual pin and a 14 inch ruler. Sign up in the store.  Ambush t-shirts will go on sale this coming week.

A few of our notable catches this week are:

  • Chris and Jessica from La Puente hooked into a 4 ½ lbs. , 21 ½ inch beauty on power bait.
  • Erik brought in a 4 ¼ lbs, 18 inch rainbow.
  • Chris caught a 3 lbs. 19 inch rainbow and Cynthia reeled in a 4 lbs. 20 inch beauty. What a great day for them!
  • Cynthia also reeled in a nice 4 ¾ the day before
  • Jenica sent in pics of her day out on the lake catching some nice Browns. It looks like a fine day.
  • Xitali from Lake Elsinore caught a lunker on Windy Point on South Shore using floating power bait. This is her very FIRST fish ever!  Congratulations!

The weather forecast this week predicts mostly sunny days with high temps in the low 80’s and the night time temps in the high 40’s.  It should be a fine time to come on up to the lake.

We hope to see you soon.