The bite this week was as hot as the weather.  It has been exciting that so many sizeable trout 2 ½ lbs. to 9 ¼ lbs. have come out of Convict this week.

The catch has been good all around the lake.  Inflated night crawlers, power bait in various colors, and garlic power bait have been the best choices for our anglers.

Trolling down deep, 6 to 7 colors, with the Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant, Rainbow Needlefish, and a Gold Kastmaster have pulled out many lunkers.  Just remember that the trout are down deep.

We are pleased to let you know that we are once again stocking the lake with trophy size trout this week.  More fun for one and all!

The weather this coming week looks really good.  No rain in the forecast. Sunny warm days are ahead.  High temps will be in the low 80’s and night time temps will be right around 50 degrees.  Sounds like perfect conditions for all your outdoor activities.

Amazing catches this week include:

  • James from La Habra brought in a 6 ½ lbs. whopper on power bait.
  • Alexis from Eureka caught a 2 ½ lbs. trout on a night crawler.
  • Owen was trolling a Thomas Buoyant and caught a 2 ½ lbs. rainbow on North Shore.
  • The Best Family from Santa Clarita was trolling a red and gold lure and got a beauty weighing 3 ½ lbs.
  • Eric “Jr” from 29 Palms was excited about his 2 ½ lbs. catch on rainbow power bait.
  • Marla and Harold from Orange used green glitter garlic power bait to reel in a 2 ¾lbs. trout.


  • Ryan from Long Beach wins the prize for this week’s biggest catch. He got a beefy 9 ¼ lbs. lunker on an inflated night crawler. Congrats!


  • Jason, Maddy, and Jacob, siblings from La Habra, all had a fantastic day using power bait bringing in 3 ½ lbs., 2 ¼ lbs., and 3 ½ lbs. nice ones.
  • Larry, Adam, Brianna, Aidan, Emma, Lindy and Osvaldo from Cerritos caught their limits with 2 lbs. and 4 lbs. rainbows around the jetty using yellow power bait.
  • Cynthia from Long Beach got a sizeable 4.75 lbs. beauty.


  • Nick from Orange used a night crawler with a little bit of power bait on it to bring in a 4 lbs. rainbow.
  • William and Devin from Hemet caught nice ones at 2 ¾ lbs. and 3 ½ lbs. on North Shore with rainbow power bait.


The old Hangman’s Tree area was a hot spot with an angler getting a 3 ¾ lbs.  catch on power bait.

There are plenty of trophy size rainbows just waiting for you to get out on the lake. We hope to see you soon.