Convict Lake has been putting out more whoppers again this week.  South Shore and North Shore were the hot areas for trolling and shore fishing.  It seems some of the big rainbows like hanging out in front of the marina which has also been great for bait fishing.

Once again, the key is to go down deep.  The fish are seeking the cooler water temperatures.

Using inflated night crawlers, garlic power bait, and even the garlic dips have been especially productive. Trolling with the Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant and Tasmanian Devils at 6 or more colors seems to work well.

The weather this coming weekend might have afternoon thunderstorms. Those should pass on over and clearing by Monday through the rest of the week.  Day time temps over the weekend will be in the low 70’s. The coming week should be in the low 80’s during the day and in the mid 40’s at night.

Big catches this week include:

  • Jamie from Show Low, AZ caught a 2.25 lbs. beauty on blue neon power bait at the Inlet.
  • Zachary from Long Beach caught a nice 2 ½ lbs. rainbow on yellow power bait around the old Hangman’s Tree on North Shore.
  • Dave and his son, Shea, from Orange County did really well this week. They caught some big lunkers over a few days. 3 ¼ lbs., 4 ¾ lbs., 3 ½ lbs., 3lbs., using night crawlers and rainbow power bait.
  • Gilbert from Rancho Cucamonga used salmon eggs to bring in 3 lbs. and 4 ½ lbs. rainbows.

Summer is flying by! Come on up and throw your line in the water.