June 16, 2021

Anglers were out there catching some real big ones this week. The warmer weather is making the fish go down deeper, but fishing all around the lake was successful.  Power bait with garlic in various colors seemed to be best this week. Thomas Buoyant lures and the new Gorditos Custom Baits, which are now available in the store, were also very productive.

The Round-Up Derby ended on Sunday evening and the results will be posted tomorrow.  We are pleased to say that everyone who caught a 14 inch or bigger fish has won a prize!  Thank you to all who participated in the derby.  It is always a fun way to start off the season.

  • The biggest catches this week were for Anthony and Miguel who each caught some whoppers over 4 lbs. each using the new Gorditos Custom Baits.
  • Sarah from Hemet got her 1 ¼ lbs. beauty on yellow/green power bait on South Shore.
  • Tyler got a big 3 lbs. on garlic power bait
  • Jay caught a 2 ½ lbs. on garlic power bait.
  • Brandon from So. Pasadena used rainbow power bait on North Shore and caught a 2 ¾ lbs. lunker.
  • John and Holly both caught ones that qualified them for the Round Up Derby.
  • Chris and Chris both had a fine day out on the lake.
  • Joshua used a Thomas Buoyant to bring a 4 lbs. lunker.


Remember to come into the store for all your fishing licenses, rods, baits, tackle and snacks before heading down to the lake. We are open daily at 6:00 AM for those who want to get the early morning bite.