The action on the lake this week has been strong. The big ones have been hitting on inflated night crawlers, garlic pinched crawlers and as always, garlic power bait.  The weather has been quite warm, so they have gone down deeper.  All areas of the lake were productive from the shore and from the boats.

Hot Creek Fish Hatchery is scheduled to stock the lake this week.  The problem that they were having has been resolved, and they are now able to stock the lakes and creeks in our area.  This is great news for all our anglers.

Notable catches this week are:

  • Elisabeth brought in a 2 ½ lbs. beauty on garlic power bait at the Inlet.
  • Justin from Woodland Hills got a 3.75 lbs. lunker on Zeke’s Garlic on North Shore.
  • Franco used a Rapala on South Shore to catch a 2 ½ lbs. rainbow.
  • Ray from Fontana used a Gulp Worm to bring in a 3 ½ pounder on South Shore
  • Jan-Erik from Thousand Oaks used power bait at the Inlet to catch a 4.25 lbs. rainbow.

The weather this coming week looks to be mostly sunny with temps ranging from the mid 80’s to lows at night in the low 50’s at night.

Come on up and throw your line in the water!