MAY 19, 2021

As typical in the spring, in the Eastern Sierra, Mother Nature rolled in thunderstorms and crazy winds this week. The wind is blowing as I type this!

Despite all of this, the fishing has been quite fine at the lake.  Both the creek and the lake have been stocked!

The Resort will be stocking the lake with TAGGED fish for our Hangman’s Cash Prize Derby over Memorial Day Weekend. Be sure to sign up in our General Store!

The bite has been successful on inflated night crawlers, garlic power bait in assorted colors and Mouse Tails.  The old stand-by, the red and gold Thomas Buoyant, also was a good bet to use.  Both North Shore and South Shore seemed to be the hot areas.

We had some big catches by our smallest anglers. It is always exciting to see the little one pull in their first trout.

  • Nick Incardona caught a 6 lbs. beauty on a brown Mouse Tail with a red head on North Shore.
  • David Newman from Long Beach caught his 3.5 pounder on a night crawler by the handicap ramp.
  • Sylvia Diaz from Three Rivers pulled in a 3 ½ lbs. using a night crawler with garlic oil over on North Shore.
  • Dave Cavelli from Santa Barbara had a big catch of a 3.0 lbs. also using a night crawler on North Shore.
  • John and Terry had the biggest lunker of the week with an 8 ¾ lbs. and a 2 ¾ lbs. with a night crawler on North Shore. Way to go!
  • Mark, Courtney, and 4 month old, Sloane, from Riverside pulled in a stringer with 3 ¼ lbs. and  3 ½ lbs. on South Shore.
  • Easton who is only 5 years old from Hemet was able to bring in a 2 ¾ lbs. big one using a night crawler on South Shore.
  • Mason from McKinney, Tx. reeled in a 3 ¼ lbs

Come on up and see us and throw your line in the lake!