Windy weather made for a few rough days this week. Despite the wind, the lake produced some good limits.  In the fall, the trout begin coming up from the deeper water.  Many 3 ½ to 4 pounders were caught on inflated night crawlers, green garlic power bait, salmon peach power bait, rainbow power bait and pinched crawlers.  Trolling around 25 to 30 feet using a Tasmanian Devil or a Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant worked well.

We stocked the lake on Tuesday with 400 pounds of trophy size trout. At least 75 of the fish are ranging between 5 ½ lbs. and 6 lbs. and are just waiting for you to get out on the lake.

We have many great catches to share with you this week.

  • Dave from Santa Barbara caught two beauties that were 4 ½ lbs. and 4 ¼ lbs. on South Shore and the Inlet with power bait.
  • Nathan, Mike and Gage from Canyon Country each caught 3 pound whoppers with yellow power bait on South Shore.
  • McKensie from San Diego caught two 3 pounders on South Shore and the jetty area using salmon peach power bait.
  • Rick from Redlands also used salmon peach power bait to bring in a 3 lbs. rainbow on South Shore.
  • Graham from Orange caught two lunkers using the salmon peach power bait on South Shore. One was 3 lbs. and the other was 4 ¾ lbs.
  • Bilal from Huntington Beach brought in a big beefy 5 lbs. trout on a night crawler on South Shore.
  • Darren from Jamul, CA, used a Thomas Buoyant on North Shore to reel in a 3 ¾ lbs. rainbow.
  • Jamal from Huntington Beach used chunky cheese power bait dipped in garlic to catch a 3 ½ lbs. trout on South Shore.
  • Eneb from Temecula caught a 3 ¼ lbs. nice one on a night crawler at the Inlet.
  • John from Pine Mountain Club was trolling a Tasmanian Devil and hooked a 3 lbs. rainbow.
  • Steve, a long-time friend of the resort, from El Dorado Hills was happy to bring in a nice one using green glitter power bait on South Shore.
  • Gage sent a picture of his 3 ½ lbs. catch. Thanks

Don’t forget you still have time to sign up for the fall derby.  The Ambush at the Lake Derby will continue through Nov. 15th.  Just catch one fourteen inch fish and you are in the drawing of $6000 worth of prizes.  With the monster fish that are out in the lake, it is easy to qualify.

There is a touch of fall in the air and the aspen trees are just starting to get a little color.  Now is a wonderful time to come and see us.