Fall has arrived!  The aspen trees are turning their beautiful gold colors and more importantly, the trout are coming up from the deeper water.

Fishing has been very productive this week.  The trophy size rainbows that we planted a week ago are hungry and looking for a tasty treat.  The bite has been good all around the lake from both the shore and out on a boat.

As we say almost every week, green garlic, rainbow, and yellow power bait have been the biggest hits.  Inflated night crawlers and pinched crawlers have also been successful.

Trolling a “Bloody Ripper” Tasmanian Devil and the Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant at approximately 25 feet have brought in a few beauties.

Some notable catches include:

  • Craig and Margarita from Phelan brought in a 2 ¾ lbs. rainbow on green power bait.
  • George from Mira Loma used cheese power bait to reel in a 4 ¼ lbs. lunker.
  • Brothers Ethan and Aiden caught a 4 ¼ lbs. whopper. Picture sent in by Rick’s Sports Center.
  • Noah and Nikolas used power bait on South Shore and hooked a 2 ¾ lbs. rainbow.
  • Jason and Greg were on South Shore and caught 3 lbs. and 3 ½ lbs. beauties on green and orange mice tails.
  • David from Long Beach used a night crawler by the handicap accessible dock and was trolling a Thomas Buoyant on South Shore to catch 3 ½ lbs. and 2 ¾ lbs. lunkers.

Last week we mentioned our friend Steve who caught a little beauty.  We aren’t sure what happened, but his picture did not get on the report.  So, we are trying again this week.  So sorry Steve!

The weather has definitely turned chilly.  Day time temps are predicted to range from 62 degrees to 38 degrees.  The low temps will range in the mid to low 20’s.  There are a couple of days with a slight chance of snow showers.

We have plenty of warm jackets, sweatshirts, beanies, gloves, and hand and toe warmers in the store. You can also grab a cup of hot coffee or cocoa to help warm you up.

Come on and see us – it is a great time of the year to experience Convict Lake.