Even though we had some thunderstorms this past week, the fishing was steady. South Shore was very active this week with a wide variety of baits. Garlic power baits, garlic pinched crawlers, inflated night crawlers, and the Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant lures have been the tickets for the big ones. Trolling the Inlet and the Jetty areas with a Tasmanian Devil lure proved to be productive.

Garlic scent is the way to go!

We would like to encourage all of you to please send us pictures of your Convict catches.  We know many of you prefer to “catch and release” and don’t want to bring in a fish to the store.  You can send your pics to and we will make you famous!  Please include your name, hometown, location on the lake and the bait you were using.

  • Brett from Fontana caught a 6 ¾ lbs. whopper on power bait.
  • Kyle, 8 years old from Reno, caught his first fish on South Shore using a night crawler. He chose to put his fish back into the water.  Way to go Kyle!

The weather this week is looking to be sunny with no rain in the forecast. However, there is a high pressure that is coming towards the end of the week bringing in very hot weather to the Sierra.  The temps will range from the high 80’s to lows in the mid 50’s.  This will feel very hot for our area.  If you are coming up, remember to bring up sunscreen.

There are fire restrictions for all of Inyo and Mono Counties.  Campfires and cooking fires are ONLY allowed in designated campgrounds in the cleared campfire circles.  NO fires are permitted for dispersed camping. A campfire is considered extinguished when the ashes are cool enough to put your hand in them.   Please be fire safe!

We look forward to seeing you and we are here to make your vacation special.