Fall has arrived!  The aspen trees are turning their beautiful gold colors and more importantly, the trout are coming up from the deeper water.

Fishing has been very productive this week.  The trophy size rainbows that we planted a week ago are hungry and looking for a tasty treat.  The bite has been good all around the lake from both the shore and out on a boat.

As we say almost every week, green garlic, rainbow, and yellow power bait have been the biggest hits.  Inflated night crawlers and pinched crawlers have also been successful.

Trolling a “Bloody Ripper” Tasmanian Devil and the Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant at approximately 25 feet have brought in a few beauties.

Some notable catches include:

  • Craig and Margarita from Phelan brought in a 2 ¾ lbs. rainbow on green power bait.
  • George from Mira Loma used cheese power bait to reel in a 4 ¼ lbs. lunker.
  • Brothers Ethan and Aiden caught a 4 ¼ lbs. whopper. Picture sent in by Rick’s Sports Center.
  • Noah and Nikolas used power bait on South Shore and hooked a 2 ¾ lbs. rainbow.
  • Jason and Greg were on South Shore and caught 3 lbs. and 3 ½ lbs. beauties on green and orange mice tails.
  • David from Long Beach used a night crawler by the handicap accessible dock and was trolling a Thomas Buoyant on South Shore to catch 3 ½ lbs. and 2 ¾ lbs. lunkers.

Last week we mentioned our friend Steve who caught a little beauty.  We aren’t sure what happened, but his picture did not get on the report.  So, we are trying again this week.  So sorry Steve!

The weather has definitely turned chilly.  Day time temps are predicted to range from 62 degrees to 38 degrees.  The low temps will range in the mid to low 20’s.  There are a couple of days with a slight chance of snow showers.

We have plenty of warm jackets, sweatshirts, beanies, gloves, and hand and toe warmers in the store. You can also grab a cup of hot coffee or cocoa to help warm you up.

Come on and see us – it is a great time of the year to experience Convict Lake.



Windy weather made for a few rough days this week. Despite the wind, the lake produced some good limits.  In the fall, the trout begin coming up from the deeper water.  Many 3 ½ to 4 pounders were caught on inflated night crawlers, green garlic power bait, salmon peach power bait, rainbow power bait and pinched crawlers.  Trolling around 25 to 30 feet using a Tasmanian Devil or a Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant worked well.

We stocked the lake on Tuesday with 400 pounds of trophy size trout. At least 75 of the fish are ranging between 5 ½ lbs. and 6 lbs. and are just waiting for you to get out on the lake.

We have many great catches to share with you this week.

  • Dave from Santa Barbara caught two beauties that were 4 ½ lbs. and 4 ¼ lbs. on South Shore and the Inlet with power bait.
  • Nathan, Mike and Gage from Canyon Country each caught 3 pound whoppers with yellow power bait on South Shore.
  • McKensie from San Diego caught two 3 pounders on South Shore and the jetty area using salmon peach power bait.
  • Rick from Redlands also used salmon peach power bait to bring in a 3 lbs. rainbow on South Shore.
  • Graham from Orange caught two lunkers using the salmon peach power bait on South Shore. One was 3 lbs. and the other was 4 ¾ lbs.
  • Bilal from Huntington Beach brought in a big beefy 5 lbs. trout on a night crawler on South Shore.
  • Darren from Jamul, CA, used a Thomas Buoyant on North Shore to reel in a 3 ¾ lbs. rainbow.
  • Jamal from Huntington Beach used chunky cheese power bait dipped in garlic to catch a 3 ½ lbs. trout on South Shore.
  • Eneb from Temecula caught a 3 ¼ lbs. nice one on a night crawler at the Inlet.
  • John from Pine Mountain Club was trolling a Tasmanian Devil and hooked a 3 lbs. rainbow.
  • Steve, a long-time friend of the resort, from El Dorado Hills was happy to bring in a nice one using green glitter power bait on South Shore.
  • Gage sent a picture of his 3 ½ lbs. catch. Thanks

Don’t forget you still have time to sign up for the fall derby.  The Ambush at the Lake Derby will continue through Nov. 15th.  Just catch one fourteen inch fish and you are in the drawing of $6000 worth of prizes.  With the monster fish that are out in the lake, it is easy to qualify.

There is a touch of fall in the air and the aspen trees are just starting to get a little color.  Now is a wonderful time to come and see us.





After being closed for 2 weeks due to the closure of the Inyo National Forest, the lake is now **OPEN** and the trout are hungry!

The weather has definitely gotten cooler so the fish are coming up from the deeper water.  The trout seem to like the cooler weather with many trophy size rainbows being caught this week.

The best bait has remained the same with the green garlic power bait, rainbow power bait, and inflated night crawlers.  We had a big 4 pounder brought in on a Kastmaster.

Notable catches this week include:

  • Carol from Torrance caught the biggest beauty weighing in at 5 ¼ lbs. on a night crawler. Wow, what a catch!
  • Dan and Kim from Tehachapi brought in a big one using a Kastmaster.
  • Jim from Taft used green garlic power bait and caught a 2 ¾ lbs. trout that also qualified him for the drawing of the Ambush Derby.
  • JW sent us pics of his big catch. Thanks for sharing.
  • Scott from Temple City scored a 4 ¼ lbs. rainbow on the light green garlic power bait on South Shore.
  • 87 year old, Lurline and her son from Los Angeles had quite the stringer with a 5 lbs., 4 lbs., and two 3 lbs. This will be a fishing trip they will remember.

We will be stocking the lake again this coming week with the big trophy trout from Desert Spring Trout Farm in Oregon.

Just a reminder, the Ambush at the Lake Derby is still going on through Nov. 15th. Sign up in the store.  The “Ambush” t-shirts are available in the store and online.

The Aspen Grill hours have changed.  It is now open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM for breakfast and lunch.

The store hours have also changed:

  • Monday – Thursday  8 AM to 6 PM.
  • Friday 8 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturday 7 AM to 7 PM
  • Sunday 7 AM to 6 PM

The restaurant is open nightly for dinner with the lounge opening at 5 PM and serving dinner at 5:30 PM.  Reservations are required for the dining room. Pizza is being served in the lounge

Cabins are available and it is the perfect time to come see the aspen trees turn their magnificent colors.



Many sizeable trout have come out of the lake this week.  The best hint for all of you anglers is to go out early or late and go down deep and slow.

The fish seem to be interested in inflated night crawlers, Pinched Crawlers, garlic power bait, and Mice Tails.  Those who prefer to use lures, try the Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant and Kastmasters.

The weather next week is supposed to be sunny with high temps in the low 80’s and lows at night in the low 40’s.  Sounds like fine days to be out on the lake.

Ambush at the Lake Derby starts on Friday, August 27th  and will continue for the remainder of the fishing season. Register in the store. The $16 fee includes an annual pin and a 14 inch ruler.  Catch one 14 inch fish and be in the drawing of over $6000 in prizes. Ambush T-shirts are on sale in the store and online.

Notable catches this week include:

  • April from Monterey Park used green garlic power bait to bring in a 3 ½ lbs. trout on South Shore.
  • Anthony and his grandpa, George, from San Diego brought in some beauties using 2 lb. test. They did a great job!
  • Jim from Hacienda Heights scored big with 4 trophy size rainbows. It was his lucky day!
  • Howard, 86 years old, from Reno used rainbow power bait to reel in a 3 lbs. lunker at the Inlet on a boat.
  • Kayleigh from Carlsbad caught a 3 pounder on green garlic power bait.
  • Roger, Steve and Don (not pictured) from Oakley caught a combined stringer of 6 ½ lbs.

What a week!

The store hours have changed to Sunday through Thursday 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Friday and Saturday 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

The Marina hours are now 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM




Anglers had another successful week at the lake. They had to get out there early and go down deep due to the very hot weather that we had. South Shore and North Shore have been the better areas.  Using inflated night crawlers and garlic power bait have been the best baits to choose once again this week.

Sunrise is around 6:15 AM and sunset is around 7:42 PM.  The state fishing regulations state you can throw your line in the water one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.  Fishing pros suggest these are good times to be out especially in the hot weather when the fish are more active when it is cooler.

Great catches this week include:

  • Danny and his family from San Diego with a beauty caught on garlic power bait on South Shore.
  • Joseph from San Gabriel brought in a 3 ¼ lbs. lunker using a night crawler while on a boat in the South Shore area.

Sunny days are ahead this week with high temps in the mid 70’s to low 80’s. The nights are cooling off a bit with low temps in the low 40’s.

The Ambush at the Lake Derby begins on Aug. 27th.  Remember to sign up in the store. The fee is $16.  We have the new Ambush t-shirts for sale in the store and online.  Check them out, they look great!

Come on up and see us!


Convict Lake was stocked with 600 pounds of trophy size trout last week.  The hot summer weather usually means the bite slows down in August, however, the catch at the lake has been steady.  Convict has still been producing plenty of these bigger trout.  The best time to be out is early in the morning just before sunrise and in the early evening just before dark when it is cooler outside.

The baits that are doing the trick are still inflated night crawlers, garlic power bait, and salmon eggs.  Thomas Buoyants and Tasmanian Devils have been the best for trolling.

Remember as we have been saying for weeks, go deep.  The trout are hanging out in pools that are at least 5 to 6 colors down.

We are excited to remind all of our fishing fans that the Ambush at the Lake Derby will start on August 27th and continue through the end of the fishing season which is Nov. 15th. Catch one 14-inch fish and you will be entered into a drawing worth $6000 in prizes.  The entry fee is $16 which includes a 2021 annual pin and a 14 inch ruler. Sign up in the store.  Ambush t-shirts will go on sale this coming week.

A few of our notable catches this week are:

  • Chris and Jessica from La Puente hooked into a 4 ½ lbs. , 21 ½ inch beauty on power bait.
  • Erik brought in a 4 ¼ lbs, 18 inch rainbow.
  • Chris caught a 3 lbs. 19 inch rainbow and Cynthia reeled in a 4 lbs. 20 inch beauty. What a great day for them!
  • Cynthia also reeled in a nice 4 ¾ the day before
  • Jenica sent in pics of her day out on the lake catching some nice Browns. It looks like a fine day.
  • Xitali from Lake Elsinore caught a lunker on Windy Point on South Shore using floating power bait. This is her very FIRST fish ever!  Congratulations!

The weather forecast this week predicts mostly sunny days with high temps in the low 80’s and the night time temps in the high 40’s.  It should be a fine time to come on up to the lake.

We hope to see you soon.


The bite this week was as hot as the weather.  It has been exciting that so many sizeable trout 2 ½ lbs. to 9 ¼ lbs. have come out of Convict this week.

The catch has been good all around the lake.  Inflated night crawlers, power bait in various colors, and garlic power bait have been the best choices for our anglers.

Trolling down deep, 6 to 7 colors, with the Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant, Rainbow Needlefish, and a Gold Kastmaster have pulled out many lunkers.  Just remember that the trout are down deep.

We are pleased to let you know that we are once again stocking the lake with trophy size trout this week.  More fun for one and all!

The weather this coming week looks really good.  No rain in the forecast. Sunny warm days are ahead.  High temps will be in the low 80’s and night time temps will be right around 50 degrees.  Sounds like perfect conditions for all your outdoor activities.

Amazing catches this week include:

  • James from La Habra brought in a 6 ½ lbs. whopper on power bait.
  • Alexis from Eureka caught a 2 ½ lbs. trout on a night crawler.
  • Owen was trolling a Thomas Buoyant and caught a 2 ½ lbs. rainbow on North Shore.
  • The Best Family from Santa Clarita was trolling a red and gold lure and got a beauty weighing 3 ½ lbs.
  • Eric “Jr” from 29 Palms was excited about his 2 ½ lbs. catch on rainbow power bait.
  • Marla and Harold from Orange used green glitter garlic power bait to reel in a 2 ¾lbs. trout.


  • Ryan from Long Beach wins the prize for this week’s biggest catch. He got a beefy 9 ¼ lbs. lunker on an inflated night crawler. Congrats!


  • Jason, Maddy, and Jacob, siblings from La Habra, all had a fantastic day using power bait bringing in 3 ½ lbs., 2 ¼ lbs., and 3 ½ lbs. nice ones.
  • Larry, Adam, Brianna, Aidan, Emma, Lindy and Osvaldo from Cerritos caught their limits with 2 lbs. and 4 lbs. rainbows around the jetty using yellow power bait.
  • Cynthia from Long Beach got a sizeable 4.75 lbs. beauty.


  • Nick from Orange used a night crawler with a little bit of power bait on it to bring in a 4 lbs. rainbow.
  • William and Devin from Hemet caught nice ones at 2 ¾ lbs. and 3 ½ lbs. on North Shore with rainbow power bait.


The old Hangman’s Tree area was a hot spot with an angler getting a 3 ¾ lbs.  catch on power bait.

There are plenty of trophy size rainbows just waiting for you to get out on the lake. We hope to see you soon.



Convict Lake has been putting out more whoppers again this week.  South Shore and North Shore were the hot areas for trolling and shore fishing.  It seems some of the big rainbows like hanging out in front of the marina which has also been great for bait fishing.

Once again, the key is to go down deep.  The fish are seeking the cooler water temperatures.

Using inflated night crawlers, garlic power bait, and even the garlic dips have been especially productive. Trolling with the Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant and Tasmanian Devils at 6 or more colors seems to work well.

The weather this coming weekend might have afternoon thunderstorms. Those should pass on over and clearing by Monday through the rest of the week.  Day time temps over the weekend will be in the low 70’s. The coming week should be in the low 80’s during the day and in the mid 40’s at night.

Big catches this week include:

  • Jamie from Show Low, AZ caught a 2.25 lbs. beauty on blue neon power bait at the Inlet.
  • Zachary from Long Beach caught a nice 2 ½ lbs. rainbow on yellow power bait around the old Hangman’s Tree on North Shore.
  • Dave and his son, Shea, from Orange County did really well this week. They caught some big lunkers over a few days. 3 ¼ lbs., 4 ¾ lbs., 3 ½ lbs., 3lbs., using night crawlers and rainbow power bait.
  • Gilbert from Rancho Cucamonga used salmon eggs to bring in 3 lbs. and 4 ½ lbs. rainbows.

Summer is flying by! Come on up and throw your line in the water.


We had a few afternoon thunderstorms again this week, but those didn’t stop the fish from biting.  We stocked the lake this week with Oregon rainbows and the county has also stocked the lake with sizable trout.  These whoppers are biting!

With the warmer weather the trout are going deeper to cooler water.  Anglers are finding the bite is happening early in the morning and in the early evening.  Try to find where the deep holes are located because the water will be cooler there. Remember when trolling to go down deep as well.

The Inlet has been a good area to try.  It is where the fish are hanging out to snap up incoming food and hopefully, your bait. It is an easy walk to the back of the lake and a beautiful boat ride.

Garlic power bait and night crawlers still seem to produce the most catches.  Trolling a Thomas Buoyant or a Marvel Fly (fly with a bubble) have done well.

The weather this coming week looks to be mostly sunny with the day time temps in the low 80’s/high 70’s.  Night time temps should be in the mid 40’s.  It should be fine for all outdoor activities.

Great catches this week include:

  • Nathan and his granddad, Bob, from Hesperia, CA braved the rain storm and brought in a beefy trout weighing 6 ¼ lbs. They used a night crawler at the Inlet.
  • Liam and his dad hiked up Convict Creek and pulled in a beauty with a night crawler.
  • Andrea from San Jacinto, CA caught a 3 ½ lbs. lunker on South Shore using yellow power bait.
  • Greg from Newbury Park, CA was using garlic power bait at the Inlet and up hooked up a 3 ¼ lbs. trout.
  • Isabella from Montclair caught a 3 ¾ with a marshmallow!


Don’t forget you can get your fishing license, bait and tackle, snacks and coffee in the General Store before you head out to the lake. It is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily.

The Aspen Grill is cooking up delicious breakfast burritos and lunch sandwiches, fish tacos, and salads every day from 7:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

Please stop in, we love to see all of you.



Fishing was excellent again this week at Convict Lake.  With the warmer weather, the trout are going deeper. Anglers are getting better results by fishing around first light and again around dusk. Trout are most active when the sunlight is weakest.  Inflated night crawlers and garlic power bait are still doing the job.  If you aren’t getting a bite, try mixing up colors, patterns and sizes of different lures.

Good News:  We stocked the lake this week with 600 lbs.  of big ones from Desert Springs Trout Farm

The weather this coming week will be a bit cooler than last week. Most days will be sunny with highs in the low 80’s. Night time lows will be in the high 40’s.  Thunderstorms don’t look to be a problem this coming week.

Big catches this week include:

  • Logan and his dad, Stephen, caught a 3 ½ lbs. beauty with green garlic power bait on South Shore.
  • Cynthia and Matt brought in a 2 ¼ lbs. rainbow on power bait and salmon eggs.
  • Braydon, 11 years old from Ojai, did a masterful job catching a nice one on salmon eggs on the North Shore.
  • Dan and his dad from Austin, Texas caught some lunkers on South Shore with night crawlers. These weighed 2 ¾ lbs. and 3 ½ lbs.
  • Gerald from Lake Forest, CA had a great day by bringing in a 4 lbs. and 3 ½ lbs. trout with night crawlers on South Shore.

The Hayashi/Deming Annual Fishing Trip was a big success.  They caught some beauties.

Come see us, the trout are just waiting to make your day!